About Us

In The Beginning.

I was born in 1954 and in that era when little girls never went to bed with wet hair because it was unhealthy! (In my mother's view.) We also didn't wash our hair every day so on the days we had a bath but didn't wash our hair I wore a shower cap that my mother had made for me. 

Moving On. 

As I grew I carried on making and using a shower cap, however when my shower cap needed replacing I was so busy with my fashion business that I thought I would just purchase a replacement. At the time we were travelling and selling my wholesale fashion range throughout New Zealand but at the end of five weeks we had not found one decent replacement shower cap.

This sparked the idea to start making and selling Shower Caps.

The Year was 2009. 

2008 -2009 were bad years for the New Zealand economy.Businesses  struggled and I was no exception. The fashion industry was struggling and my stockists were struggling to pay me.

DaisyBloom was Born.

So in our spare time we started making Shower Caps, using pretty off cuts from my fashion business. My husband would do the cutting, I would sew and then he would tediously thread the elastic!  I would sell these at various craft markets around the Bay of Plenty and Auckland. Customers loved them. We soon hit 500 sold.

And this is how DaisyBloom started.

The end.....